About CC

Hi, I’m Chelsea ( thats me! ^ ) but my friends call me CC. So, now that we’re friends you can call me CC as well. I’m currently a level 27 human playing in this game called life. (If you haven’t learned by now I love video games). 

I’m a giant nerd, I love gaming, pizza, art, and music. Did I mention how much I love pizza? I have dubbed Friday’s “Pizza Friday” – that’s where you basically throw yourself a pizza party every Friday. (Trust me it’s amazing). Anyway, I’m an open book, I originally created this so I could archive my xanga blogs. (Ooooooh yes, xanga) …those posts are rather embarrassing but they play an important role in who I am today.

I am currently heartbroken for various reasons, and suffer from extreme depression. I am also recovering (forever in recovery) from being severely sick/malnourished, and also have a past with self harm. So, naturally writing my thoughts and feelings makes me feel somewhat ok with how my life has turned out. I always appreciate feedback, it’s nice to know you aren’t alone. Like I said, I am an open book! Have any questions? Just ask! I love intellectual conversations. 

Oh by the way, I haaaaaaate grammar. So if you’re apart of the grammar police, you miiight want to look away. Haha, other than that thank you for taking the time to know me! 

-CC 💜


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