They say.

This pain in my chest grows stronger every day.

How much longer can I deal with it? They say, the hurt will only make you stronger; who are they anyway? Do they even know what real hurt is? Do they understand this pain that only grows stronger with every passing moment?

No, I don’t think they do.

So, for now I will hide you away and keep you in this spot they call hurt. I keep you there to remind me that ‘strength’ means I’ll never be ok.

I mean it. 


Did it please you?

via Daily Prompt: Pleased

Did it please you? To take joy in the pain I feel.

Did it? I’m so sure that it did.

I’m sure that it pleased you when I tried to explain how awful I felt; leaving you the way I did. I do regret my past transgressions, but that was overlooked by you.

Does it please you now knowing my heart will never be the same; I will never be the same.

Does it? I’m so sure that it does.

It makes you happy knowing she is exactly like me, only younger. She is the version of myself you wished I had been.

I will never be released from the pain of losing you.

Does it Please you yet?

Well, does it?

I loved you blindly.

via Daily Prompt: Blindly

ˈblīn(d)lē/ adverb – without reasoning or questioning.

I have loved you blindly for all these years. They say never to believe in things blindly; question everything. But when I was with you I never had to question, I. just. knew.  I knew without reasoning, your love for me was never-ending. The kind authors write about; the kind that only exists in dreams.  I knew without questioning that you were my person; my puzzle piece.

But, we grew older and I grew scared. Even after all these years when I see you now my heart breaks a little more. You were mine, but I questioned this life and let you go. I thought, to experience life, this is what I need to do. Yes, we were young and in love
…but we were.

This love that leads you blindly through life, wanting more and craving more. This love was an adventure.


I left you blindly, you never saw it coming. To be honest I don’t know if I did as well. I had made up my mind and without reason, I was gone. I left you, broken and alone. Thinking back now, I also left myself broken and alone. This was not my intention, this was not the plan. What happened?

I have loved you blindly for all these years. A day has not gone by that I cannot think of you and question what once was. They say never to believe in things blindly; question everything. I say, believe in things blindly, never question, love without reason; love 

2am. Bathroom floor thoughts.

It is offical, I was told tonight I am nothing to you. It’s weird when your mind has somehow reverted back to age 19. I don’t even think that’s possible, but it’s a good excuse.

I never realized until recently that everything I’ve done the past 5 or 6 years was done in a way to avoid hurting someone I love. My past, present, and future. I just thought that it was me being me, but no my subconscious was secretly telling me something and I failed to listen.

It is 2am, I am sitting on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out. After being told by the one person you would trust with your life, your soul, your heart; that they love someone else. They are IN love with someone else. It’s like a dagger piercing it’s sharpened tip slowly into your heart. It sits there, but bit by bit it jams it’s blade into your heart straight to your soul.

It’s now 3am and I have managed to move from the bathroom floor to the bed. I feel like I just found out you died; in a way you have. I killed you a long time ago, which forced you to see I was no good. I will spend forever repenting my sins against you. You were my person, but then karma got me.

I’m sorry, I wish you knew. I would go back in time and love you all over if I could. But I can’t, so I guess I’ll just stare at these four walls and think of you and me. I’ll think of all the memories and be haunted by the past. Over and over again, it’s better than facing reality.

I always loved you; You were my one and only, my person. 

Dear you. 

|current song: Gravity’s Union| Coheed. 

Dear you,

You know it’s always been you. Even if we’ve barely spoken in a year. Even when I broke your heart because I thought I needed to experience life.  It was you there in my mind space, holding my thoughts captive like a mad man.

Dear you, it was and will always be you.

You know it will always be you, even when you move on and find someone new. Even when I cry myself to sleep because my heart is broken. Even when I blame myself for losing you. You know it will always be you.

Always. You.