If I told you.

Its been awhile since I’ve written. Not a lot has changed if I do say so myself.

Its hard to think that you could spend 5 years with someone and some how its just so easy to put everything on hold with them for another. How? I honestly don’t know.
I just don’t understand my logic, brain, thoughts, emotions… anything, anymore.

If I could, I would give the world to someone. He would never know this. and he never will know this.
He makes me smile
Then he makes me cry.
He makes me feel on top of the world, but yet he can take that all away in moments.
He makes me feel like i can do anything.
Then he makes me feel like I will always be this.

Like I said though, he doesn’t know this, and he never will.

Certain reasons prevent me from ever expressing my feelings for him. I know its pathetic, but its true.

First of all, I don’t even think he likes me? Sure he may care for me, but not the way I care for him.
Secondly, I’m not good enough for him. Just looking at me, then looking at him, then taking a NICE long look at me one more time… anyone could see it.

Im shy.
According to him (unfortunately) I have no opinions.
Im bored.
Not very smart.

It makes me sad thinking about it, but I just wish I could be everything for him. He doesn’t notice me.. even if he claims he does. 😦 I’m just Chelsea. Nothing more to it. I feel as if I’ll always be this person. I’m pretty sure I push him away everyday. Im so negative. I know he doesn’t want to be around it.

but then why does he? Why does he stay?

Sure i bet being friends with benefits is awesome, but thats not me. I just wish I could tell him. I wish he knew I wish so many things that will never come true. 😦

I wish I was the best thing out there for him, and Im afraid one day he will go off with someone amazing and I’ll be left alone wishing I would have told him. Unfortunately for me, I think he knows. He has to know, but then why does he keep me around?! Why I don’t want to be dragged down a road that will just leave me with bruises and scars… He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but seriously just give me a break.

Then again… I guess something is better then nothing.
Meaning I’d rather be around him wishing i had more, then never seeing him again wishing I hadn’t told him.

If finding myself was easy.

—– If finding myself was easy i would have done it long, long ago.

Its not, and i’m still here wondering:
Who am I? and what do I want?

Now, It’s 5 in the morning and I’m stuck in my thoughts.

I need to move away. Run, far far away.
I feel like I should start over somewhere. I must have gone wrong down the line or else I wouldn’t feel this way.

The bigger question is what do I want?

I spent most of my time worrying about everyone else. Their needs, their thoughts.. etc. I cared to much, and now I wonder if that was a bad thing. Now, people mistake this kindness and run over me with it. Bah.. here I go again stressing about “other” people.

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever come in the picture.

I give to much, maybe thats a bad thing. I end up hurt often. Its no wonder I’m so negative. I’ve put this all on myself. Once again, somewhere down the line I failed. I made a wrong turn, I suppose. Now, How do I get back? What road to take.

–So many questions. I have no answers to.

My mind is racing, I feel so many emotions right now. I want to write more, but some things are better left unsaid I suppose.

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to write all my true thoughts, but until then they shall stay locked inside of me. Where only me, myself, and I can hear them scream. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they’re loose, but we’ll see.

I’m stubborn.

Jumbled Thoughts.

Everyday I learn something new about myself.
This month has enlightened me so much. I don’t even know where to begin.

For starters, Do I even care about you anymore? Your scare tactics never worked with me.. only pushed me away. Now I question every day if this is even what I want. You insist on asking if there is someone else.. well I can’t even answer that question. I really don’t know. I don’t trust you. and I do believe you lie way to much. You aren’t the person I thought you were.. and that just makes me sad inside. Because I really thought it was different.. the feelings i shared were different.

Its true.. I get attached to easily. I grow to like someone way to fast. Especially if I can figure them out… see their true colors before anything else. Obviously if I fall.

It is my downfall.

Because now I wonder if that little spark is felt on both parts. Not just mine. I can’t tell. I can’t decipher these mixed emotions and such. I should probably just keep my hands to myself until all is sorted out. I can’t even believe i’m writing about this. I shouldn’t let someone else in so easily. I don’t trust. I don’t love so easy. I do fall but I can’t fully love that easy. Everything is a tactic to me. Every move, every thought. Its all a game to them. So I don’t trust. I just don’t want to get hurt again.

I do realize I am just a rebound. a sad sad rebound. but I can’t help but hope that when I think about it.. it isn’t true. But I know it is, and its starting to break me apart.

Bit by every little bit. I’m starting to feel something more then what I thought it would be. and I just know its not felt the same towards me. No matter how much I want it to be true.

I’m just lying to myself.